BREAKING: SU selects new VP Admin

| Senior News Editor

Senior and Student Union Chief of Staff Cary Cheng will serve as SU’s new Vice President of Administration after being confirmed by Senate and Treasury tonight. Cheng’s appointment comes following the resignation of junior Sankalp Kapur last Tuesday.

Senior and SU President Kenneth Sng noted that SU Exec nominated Cheng for this position because of his success as chief of staff.

“The nomination was made in light of Cary’s performance and commitment during his tenure as Chief of Staff. As a senior with smaller academic and extracurricular load, Cary will be able to fully dedicate to the responsibilities required of the VP Admin,” Sng told Student Life in a statement.

In his confirmation hearing, Cheng said he hopes to drum up interest in the Student Union elections, both by getting candidates to run and making sure that students vote.

“There are a lot of things to be done between now and March 7,” Cheng said. “We need to get people to run, get people to vote.”

Cheng was nominated by SU Exec Saturday and will fill the position for the remainder of the term.

Elections for the 2017-2018 SU Exec are March 7, but since Cheng is a senior, Sng does not believe this appointment will impact the upcoming election.

“Given that spring elections are happening in less than a month’s time, appointing a senior will [allow] SU Execs to function at full capacity while not affecting the electoral chances of students who are considering running for the VP Admin position,” Sng’s statement reads.

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