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SU vice president of administration resigns, hunt for replacement begins

| Senior News Editor

Junior Sankalp Kapur resigned from his position as Student Union vice president of administration Tuesday, senior and SU President Kenneth Sng announced in a press release.

Now, SU exec will begin to search for a new VP Admin to finish the term before SU exec elections in March. Recommendations will be accepted through Saturday, and one nominee will be presented to Senate and Treasury at next Tuesday’s session.

Sng said that appointing a new VP Admin who could successfully fulfill the duties of the role is currently the top priority, a statement echoed by SU Vice President of Finance and senior Vikram Biswas.

“I think the most important thing to do now is to find someone who will be able to fulfill the duties of VP Admin from now until March,” Sng said. “The vice president of administration’s duties typically get heavy toward the end of the term. We want to make sure the candidate will be able to transition smoothly and has some understanding of SU processes.”

The press release states that Kapur resigned to “adjust his extracurricular commitments.”

Sng said that Kapur’s resignation was not a surprise and noted that the two of them had discussed the possibility of Kapur taking a step back from Student Union.

“This is not a sudden decision. Sankalp and I have been talking since the beginning of this semester, and ultimately, we decided that this is what’s best,” Sng said.

In the press release, Sng thanked Kapur for his service to Student Union and expressed sadness about the resignation.

“We would like to thank him for his dedicated service, particularly in: organizing the most highly attended Student Union retreat, chairing the Freedom of Speech task force, managing biweekly Student Union Leadership meetings, serving as an advisor to Student Union Senate, overseeing Student Union Elections, and being a wonderful friend and mentor to many,” the release reads.

Kapur did not respond to requests for comment for this story.

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