SU seeks to modernize, updates logo in time for 50th anniversary

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Student Union will officially unveil a new, more minimalist logo this Friday in an effort to build its brand and to portray a more modern image to the student body.

The logo update coincides with the 50th year of Washington University’s current student governing body, and the revamped design will be presented to present-day and former SU officers at Student Union’s 50th anniversary gala dinner tomorrow.


The redesigned image accompanies other efforts by Student Union to modernize and to develop a more cohesive brand.

Senior and former SU Vice President of Public Relations Chan Kwon was primarily responsible for creating the new logo, which he feels is in line with the work done by his predecessor, senior Brian Benton, to make SU’s brand more modern.

“[Benton] created a brand where it’s bright colors, bold fonts,” Kwon said. “My goal was to carry that on and establish that…but one thing that was standing out was the logo—it was not the fonts we use; it was cluttered. It was not clear from a distance.”

Kwon hopes the logo change will cause students to view Student Union as more accessible and less serious.

“We wanted to move towards a more fun look,” Kwon said. “We’re a student government, but it’s not like real government where it’s all boring…We do program for events—we do WILD and all these events—so we wanted to be more fun.”

Current SU VP Public Relations and sophomore Amelia Fong noted that the logo has historically been revamped once or twice per decade, meaning that the current symbol, designed in 2011, was due for an update.

In addition to the updated design, Student Union also will release increased brand guidelines to provide student groups with clearer rules regarding the use of its logo, which must be used on all promotional materials for SU-funded events.

Fong added that the alterations align with other changes that the governing body has made within recent years and positively mark the 50th year of Student Union.

“We want to commemorate the 50th anniversary with something important and big,” Fong said. “And I think that SU’s been changing a lot over the past few years and having a new logo’s a really good symbol of that.”

While SU officers are excited to release the updated symbol in celebration of five decades of Student Union, former SU president and senior Jordan Finkelstein noted that the logo change was not inspired solely by the governing body’s 50th anniversary.

“I think Chan [Kwon] and I would have decided to spice things up with the logo regardless of what year it had been. It’s nice and fun and kind of adds more of a spin to it…It’s a cool thing,” Finkelstein said. “We have a lot of alumni coming back this weekend because it’s our 50th year reunion event, and they’ve all seen different iterations of this logo, so I think they might be excited to see this new direction that we’re going in.”

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