Spring SU elections see reduced turnout, easy wins for Exec without slates

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Despite having fewer voters in this semester’s elections than participated in the fall, Student Union filled a number of seats across the student governing body on Tuesday.

At 31.5 percent, or 2,117 voters, the spring turnout fell from last semester’s 35.4 percent, which marked the highest-ever total for a fall SU election.

The election that received the highest turnout in recent memory came in spring 2012, when a competitive race for Senior Class Council and block funding appeals from popular student groups contributed to 41 percent of the undergraduate population casting votes.

In its first year of elections without a slate system, SU Exec saw four unopposed candidates win their positions easily while sophomore Mike Holtz defeated junior Hunter Malasky for vice president of administration with 59.41 percent of the vote. The other winning candidates include junior Jordan Finkelstein, president; sophomore Kenneth Sng, VP of finance; junior Chan Kwon, VP of public relations; and junior Bonner Williams, VP of programming.

For Senior Class Council, Christine Lung defeated Tommy Nathan for president by a voting margin of 49.64-41.19 percent, and Ishi Metkar edged out David Gu for VP of finance with 52.15 percent of the vote. Lung and Metkar will be joined by MinJi Suh at VP of administration, Adam Cohen-Nowak at VP of public relations and Kabir Gill at VP of programming on next year’s class council.

Check Thursday’s issue of Student Life for a full recap of and reaction to election results. A full list of winners is below or can be found on SU’s website.

SU Executive Board

President: Jordan Finkelstein
VP of Administration: Mike Holtz
VP of Finance: Kenneth Sng
VP of Programming: Bonner Williams
VP of Public Relations: Chan Kwon


Alex Beaulieu
James Harvey
Kabir Samtani
Laura Roettges
Lemoine Joseph
Luke Summerlin
Mehrmah Haider
Rosie Rust
Sam Silver
Vikram Biswas


Arts & Sciences

Rahool Bhimani
Nikolas Brozovich
Michael Zhou
Stella Schindler
Sih Oka-zeh
Uma Parikh


Scott Myers


Alexander Papp
Julie Messing


Amanda Bass


Paul Wu

Senior Class Council

President: Christine Lung
VP of Administration: MinJi Suh
VP of Finance: Ishi Metkar
VP of Programming: Kabir Gill
VP of Public Relations: Adam Cohen-Nowak

Junior Class Council

President: Reid Petty
VP of Administration: Mukund Murari
VP of Finance: Lexi Orsky
VP of Programming: Abby Rickeman
VP of Public Relations: Stephanie Mertz

Sophomore Class Council

President: Richard Wu
VP of Administration: Elise Burton
VP of Finance: Kevin Jia
VP of Programming: Molly Brodsky
VP of Public Relations: Maria Gilfoyle

Olin Business Council

President: James Soldati
VP of Career Initiatives: Adam Taitz
VP of Academic Initiatives: Lillian Ross
VP of Government Initiatives: Michael Kramer
VP of Finance: Daniel Schleien
VP of Marketing: Marni Widen
VP of Human Resources: Graham Goddes
VP of Service Initiatives: Ricardo Perez

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