New Student Union VP chosen a week after surprise resignation

| Editor-in-Chief

Junior Chan Kwon has been announced as Student Union’s new vice president of public relations, replacing junior Brian Benton after the former VP’s surprise resignation last week.

Formerly the promotions director of Social Programming Board, Kwon was heavily involved with the production and advertising for WILD the last two semesters.

Kwon joins Elevate! slate, which won a contested election for SU Exec last spring. Benton had been elected as VP of public relations with Elevate!, but last week he resigned citing a desire to prepare for studying abroad in the coming fall semester.

“We are excited to have Chan [Kwon] join our team for the reminder of the term,” Emma Tyler, SU president and senior, told Student Life. “He has immense PR experience from his time on Social Programming Board and hopes to make the SU brand more inviting and fun.”

The Elevate! administration opened up applications for the open position last week, with the goal of selecting a replacement VP as soon as possible before the semester grows busier.

Kwon will need to be confirmed by SU Senate and Treasury before his assumption of the position becomes official. His term as VP will run until elections in March for the coming year’s executive board.

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