Q&A with the new Freshman Class Council President

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Student Life sat down with newly elected Freshman Class Council President Emma Tyler on Wednesday. Here is what we learned about her and her goals for her new position.

SL: Where are you from?
ET: New Orleans, Louisiana.

SL: How is freshman year? What else are you doing on campus?
ET: I’m taking class. I’ve tried to go to a few club meetings, but the campaign has kept me really busy.

SL: What are you studying?
ET: I’m in ArtSci. I think I’m going to major in political science, but I’m taking some classes in urban studies and environmental policy to look at those as other possibilities.

SL: What is one word that describes you best?
ET: Dedicated

SL: What were you excited for before coming to Washington University?
ET: I was most excited to become part of a new community. I’ve never lived anywhere else but New Orleans, so I was excited to experience a new culture and new people and new experiences.

SL: What is your favorite thing you have done on campus so far?
ET: There have been so many…I really enjoyed all the orientation activities where the whole freshman class got to be together. I look forward to planning more of those throughout the year.

SL: What is your favorite place on campus?
ET: Whispers. It is a great place to study, but also you get to see people and talk to people as they are walking through.

SL: What prompted you to run for freshman class council?
In high school, I was the class president all four years, and I became very close to my class…[and] my city so I wanted the same experience here at Wash. U. and in St. Louis. I also did the Leading Wash. U. Style pre-o where I got to meet a lot of the Student Union…members. I thought Wash. U. Student Union sounded really interesting and wanted to get involved.

SL: Tell me a little bit about your slate.
ET: Our slate is called Slate Louis because our main platform was we wanted to get our class united not only on Wash. U.’s campus and more prideful for Wash. U. but also in the city.

SL: Like what?
ET: We named our slate Slate Louis because we wanted to unite our class through on campus programming but also a lot more off campus programming to get the class unified and spirited about Wash.U. but also about the city of St. Louis.

SL: What are some ideas that you have?
ET: We want to do more events like the Big Bang, taking the entire class out into the city, but we want the class to have input and be able to vote and tell us where they want to go.

SL: How is it for you to have just won this election?
ET: I’m excited to meet more members of the class of ‘15 and to hear their ideas…and make this the best freshman year possible for everyone.

SL: Tell me a little bit about yourself.
ET: I have lived in New Orleans my entire life, and I have a deep-rooted pride in my city. I really want to transfer that pride to St. Louis…I think a lot of people come to Wash. U. and like they say, the infamous Wash. U. bubble, they don’t really get to know St. Louis, and I’d really like to get to know St. Louis as a city in addition to getting to know Wash. U.

SL: You won with about 30 percent of the vote. What does it mean for you to have won in such a competitive environment?
ET: I am really grateful for all of our supporters and all the people who helped us campaign. All the other slates did a wonderful job campaigning. It was very competitive…but everyone was very respectful to each other, and all the other slates ran a very clean campaign, and they were all very worthy candidates themselves, and I am very grateful to have won by the margin that I did.

SL: What are you most excited about for the next year?
ET: I am most excited to get to meet the members of my class and for us to be unified and to get to know the city of St. Louis.

SL: What will be your role as President?
ET: Since the Freshman Class Council is a programming body, my role is to plan creative and innovating programming that unites the freshman class, but also to advocate the freshman class needs to the other bodies of the Student Union.

SL: Tell me one thing about yourself that most people don’t know.
ET: When I was little I wanted to be an F.B.I. agent, but you have to be 5’1” and I’m only five feet tall.

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