Unrecognized new mailroom email address brings vocal student dissent, confusion

| Senior News Editor

Students who have been missing emails from Peggy Smith, manager of mail services, can relax: Smith is still, as one mailroom employee put it, “the boss.”

Emails notifying students that a package is waiting for them in the mailroom previously came from Smith’s email address. When returning students began receiving notification emails from an unknown, non-Washington University email address, several took to social media to voice their discontent, and some even believed that Smith no longer worked for the University.

Smith explained that the confusion arose from a new package-tracking system intended to expedite package delivery. Because the new system is cloud-based, she said, emails are now sent from “[email protected]” rather than her own email address.

“We had no idea that [the new system] would be received in this manner,” Smith said.

Sophomore T.J. Brantley was saddened by the new system but said she understood the necessity.

“I find the new generic notifications to feel less personal, as there isn’t a name or face to go with the message—even if the message itself is essentially the same. Still, if the revamped system is more efficient and makes the mailroom run more smoothly, I can’t really complain,” she said.

Sophomore Nick Machak, however, was indifferent to the change.

“An email about a package is just an email about a package—whether it’s from Peggy Smith or not. Our lives will move on,” Machak said.

Despite the concern from students, Smith believes that the new system will make picking up a package—a process that previously required students to have a description for all the packages they had received—easier for students

“I’m really excited about [the new scanners],” Smith said. “When [students] walk up, they can scan their ID card on the handheld scanner and it’ll tell us how many packages they have and we don’t have to get a signature.”

Sophomore Isaiah Sciford was happy to hear about the new system, even if the emails aren’t coming from Smith any longer.

“The swipe is really sweet. It seems like they’re having some trouble making sure that the system works all the time, but I’m willing to wait it out. But I’m really going to miss Peggy [Smith] telling me that my packages are here,” he said.

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