Juveniles arrested for theft from McDonnell

Two juveniles were arrested on Thursday last week after Washington University Police Department followed up on a complaint of laptop theft.

Ten minutes before the arrest, a victim arrived in her office in McDonnell Hall to see one of the male suspects holding her personal laptop. She wrested the computer from the suspect, who fled the building along with another suspect, a girl.

The victim called WUPD immediately. The police caught up with the two near Forest Park Parkway and detained them until they were identified by the witness.

The juveniles were taken into custody and turned over to juvenile authorities. The juveniles were not in any way affiliated with the university.

WUPD does not often make arrests.

“I’ve been here twelve years, and [we’ve made arrests] probably a handful of times. The good news was somebody called us quickly, gave us a good description, and we were able to locate the suspects right away,” WUPD Chief Don Strom said.

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