Cal Scruby to open for Chiddy Bang in SPB fall concert Friday

| Senior News Editor

Cincinnati-raised rapper Cal Scruby will open for Chiddy Bang at this year’s fall concert on Oct. 21, Social Programming Board announced Monday.

Scruby began rapping in 2011, and after graduating from Ohio State University in 2014, moved to Los Angeles to start working with a record label and release his first EP, “House In The Hills”.

Senior Dylan Minnick, SPB’s concerts director, said the decision to bring in Cal Scruby was due to difficulties in securing an act paired with advice from Chiddy Bang’s team.

“The initial decision was based on him being pitched from Chiddy Bang’s agent as a package,” Minnick said. “We ran into obstacles with an initial pursuit this summer, and time constraints made us look to making a confirmation as soon and as likely as possible.”

Minnick added that the obstacles they faced later in the process made it difficult to pursue openers.

Though the artist is fairly unknown, Minnick hopes the act will bring excitement to the stage.

“I think he’s an energetic and talented rising artist and we’re really excited for the complementary style that he’s bringing to the show,” Minnick said.

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