Fontbonne bests WU at capture the flag

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Over a hundred Washington University and Fontbonne University students came together Saturday to participate in a capture the flag match between the two student bodies, with Fontbonne leaving as the victor in the competition.

The match, which was organized by the Congress of the South 40, the North Side Association (NSA) and Fontbonne’s Residence Hall Association (RHA), allowed students to interact with their peers at nearby institutions in a fun, relaxed environment.

The match contradicts what many students consider a long pattern of general apathy between the two student bodies. Organizers said they hope it will serve as the starting point for a growing relationship between the two schools.

Jared Kramer, junior and NSA director of finance, noted that among the events organizers, feelings of camaraderie had been growing since the two groups met at the Midwest Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (MACURH) Conference.

“So [CS40 Director of Development Poorva Jain] and I went to MACURH, and we met the Fontbonne student leaders there and just started talking to them,” he said. “We were talking about how we’re neighboring schools, but we never really get together or do anything, how we never really see each other, so the idea started naturally because we wanted an event where people could kind of meet our next door neighbors.”

From this original inspiration, the three organizations worked together to make the event a reality, procuring funding from MACURH for the collaborative event.

After initially planning a series of Olympic-style competitions, the organizers decided instead to host a capture the flag match to increase attendance.

“Originally we were going to try to do some sort of Olympics thing, but because CS40 had already put on the Residential College Olympics earlier in the year, we didn’t really see a point in doing the same thing again, because people wouldn’t show up,” Jain said. “So we decided to do capture the flag instead.”

In these terms, Jain believes the event was a success.

“We went into this not knowing what was going to happen,” she said. “It could’ve gone both ways, but over 130 people showed up and we saw real interaction between Wash. U. and Fontbonne students.”

Considering the success of the event, organizers are looking to continue collaborating next year.

“Both schools came together, and a lot of students were asking why we don’t have more events like this,” RHA Vice President DeMarcus Davis said. “We’re actually all having another meeting next week about potentially having a zombie nerf war next year.”

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