Duo Icona Pop to headline fall W.I.L.D.

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Icona Pop, the Swedish dance-pop duo best known for their 2012 single “I Love It,” will be performing at fall W.I.L.D., Social Programming Board announced Wednesday night.

Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt, the two performers who make up Icona Pop, released their first album, “Icona Pop,” in Sweden in 2012. The duo first received major media attention in the US when its single “I Love It,” a collaboration with Charli XCX, became popular, eventually reaching number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The group will be performing in Brookings Quadrangle on Friday, Oct. 24, as part of the fall Campus Consciousness tour. Campus Consciousness tours are organized at universities all over the country by a non-profit called Reverb, which aims to emphasize sustainable practices and minimize environmental impact, according to its website.

After SPB had begun talks with Icona Pop, it was informed by a booking agency that the duo was participating in the Campus Consciousness tour, SPB W.I.L.D. director and sophomore JJ Linn said. SPB considered the program and decided that the environmental focus of the tour fit well with the Washington University climate.

“We looked into, [in] the past, how successful it has been at other schools and how the programming really has the right values and really meshes well with the Wash. U. community. [It’s] a win-win for us that we were able to get not only the headliner we wanted, but additional programming that students will like,” Linn said.

SPB began after reviewing the results from the fall W.I.L.D. survey sent to students over the summer, Linn said. Icona Pop received the most number-one rankings in the survey, which Linn saw as representative of students’ desire to see a different style of artist at W.I.L.D.

“A lot of people were getting a little tired of the same kind of acts over the past couple of W.I.L.D.s. Some people saw a little repetition between Chance [the Rapper] and Childish Gambino, so bringing Icona Pop, we thought, was a nice little switch-up from the lineups that we had in the previous few W.I.L.D.s,” Linn said.

Students seemed generally excited about the announcement, with many saying they appreciated that the headliner was not a rapper.

Sophomore Imran Mumtaz said he was looking forward to the variety provided by Icona Pop.

“I’m very much for it. I’ve definitely been wanting to see a more renowned, big-name electronic artist for W.I.L.D. W.I.L.D. can sometimes be a lot of mainstream pop and rap, but I’m definitely excited to see a new genre as the focus of the event,” Mumtaz said.

Sophomore Lauren Chase said she thought the Icona Pop show would be enjoyable, but questioned the importance of W.I.L.D. artists to the event.

“I’ve heard they’re pretty fun live,” Chase said. “I guess my one strong feeling is that it’s ridiculous that the school pays so much money to bring in W.I.L.D. performers in the first place. Half the students complain about the artist anyway, and more are too drunk to remember or appreciate the show.”

Senior Alvin Su said he did not personally care much about Icona Pop, but thought that the choice was one that many students would appreciate.

“I’m indifferent about the selection just because I only know their famous song [“I Love It”]. Personally, I don’t connect with their music, but I think they will still attract a lot of students. They are a big name and I think it goes to show that [SPB] is trying their best to appease student interest,” Su said.

With additional reporting by Emily Schienvar and Derek Shyr.

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