University College honors summer graduates at annual M.I.L.D. event

Peter Jones | Contributing Reporter

Replacing the alcohol and pop music atmosphere of W.I.L.D. with brie, apple cider and low-key jazz, this year’s Mosey In Lie Down (M.I.L.D.) served as the University College’s more subdued fall concert counterpart.

Featuring local band The Erin Bode Group for the third year in a row, M.I.L.D. took on a more official role this year, serving as a venue to recognize the U. College’s 40 summer graduates—though only seven of them were present.

The event previously was simply a chance for U. College students and alumni to network, though it continues to serve that function as well.

“It is difficult for adult students juggling family and work, arriving just in time for class and then have to leave for responsibilities. They do not get much of a chance to sit and talk,” Katina Truman, director of marketing and admissions for the U. College, said.

Both undergraduate and graduate students who earned their degrees from University College were handed their diplomas. According to Dean Robert Wiltenburg, there was an unusually high number of graduates this year.

“Before M.I.L.D., we had a fall convocation and the December graduation ceremony. M.I.L.D. was created to fill a social gap, an event without an agenda,” Wiltenburg said.

Despite the similarity in names, M.I.L.D. shares little culture with Walk In Lay Down. M.I.L.D.’s mood is more similar to that of the Jazz at Holmes series, also sponsored by the U. College. M.I.L.D. often precedes Jazz at Holmes to create a low-key event that lasts nearly as long as its bacchanalian sister.

Despite not being as well known, M.I.L.D. has followers at least as dedicated as W.I.L.D.’s. Matt Mink, one of the August graduates, has gone to at least three M.I.L.D.s in a row.

“The music is high quality but not dominating,” Mink said. “You can easily talk over it.”

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