Chancellor releases statement of principles

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Chancellor Mark Wrighton adopted a formal statement of principles Wednesday to reaffirm statements released regarding the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program and the executive order signed by President Donald Trump that restricted immigration from certain countries into the United States.

The statement of principles provides further guidelines for students who may be concerned about their immigration status and reiterates that safety of all students is a goal of Washington University.

The chancellor’s statement expands on sentiments expressed in his two prior ones, Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Jill Friedman said.

“There have been certain sentiments and even specific declarations in both of the chancellor’s recent communications related to immigration, the statement back in December regarding DACA and then this most recent statement about the executive order,” Friedman said. “He realized that what he wants to do and what we need to do are not only continue to re-articulate them but also formulate them.”

In the statement, Wrighton notes that the Washington University Police Department (WUPD) does not inquire about immigration status or seek to enforce federal immigration laws on a daily basis. He adds that WUPD will not detain people because of immigration status but that officers will comply with subpoenas or other legal requirements.

He goes on to state that the University will allow students privacy as guaranteed by federal law and will not release information regarding immigration or citizenship status unless required by court order.

Wrighton also notes that the Office of International Students and Scholars is available to provide information and assistance—including information about legal resources—to students and scholars who need it.

Additional reporting by Noa Yadidi

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