Release of business school course listings delayed

Prajwal Keranahalli | Contributing Reporter

The Olin Business School’s course listings for the fall 2016 semester were unavailable for students on Feb. 22 when the list was released for the rest of the undergraduate schools.

Though the situation has since been remedied, students were unable to create cohesive academic schedules until at least this past Sunday.

Students who tend to plan ahead were inconvenienced, but administrators noted that the delay was due to a lack of concrete information.

“[The Olin Business School] is committed to getting complete information out for our students versus putting incomplete information out there and then changing the number of sections or times after the fact. This does impact the timing of publishing our information,” Associate Dean and director of the business school’s undergraduate program Steve Malter said.

Course registration begins for Washington University undergraduate students on April 19.

Lanna Skadden, assistant dean and director of academic affairs, apologized for the delay and recognized the inconvenience that it posed for students looking to prepare for the upcoming semester.

“I know it frustrates students when other parts of the University have all their courses out there, and we are lagging behind. And we are very sorry about that, but we are trying to balance that with posting a bunch of stuff and changing,” Skadden said.

Freshman Gary Wang says that, overall, the mishap was a mere inconvenience.

“[It] hasn’t affected me that much,” Wang said. “It isn’t a huge deal as long as the times are posted a couple of weeks before actual registration. It’s more of an inconvenience because I like to plan ahead, and I want to do it now.”

Skadden explained that creating course schedules comes down to a complex balancing act, which requires several variables to come together.

“We are trying to put together a program that works for both the undergraduate and graduate programs. And the problem we always face for the fall semester, to be perfectly honest, is [that] we are at the height of our recruiting season, and those pieces of the puzzle also affect the scheduling. And so we are trying to put the information out there as quickly as we can,” Skadden said.

Skadden says the administration would like to release a finalized version of the course schedules instead of a preliminary one, but that will require a lot of discussion between the faculty and administrators.

“Some of our faculty are teaching undergraduates and graduate classes. We have to balance out the schedule of the buildings [and] who is teaching what when. And we are trying to make those projections, and each year we try and fine-tune it a little bit more. Faculty and the department chairs are all working together to try and figure out how many sections of courses to offer,” Skadden said.

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