Pro-Palestine protest held outside Chancellor Martin’s house

| Editor-In-Chief

Pro-Palestine protesters gather outside of Harbison House, where Chancellor Andrew Martin lives. (Alan Zhou | Student Life)

About 25 pro-Palestine protesters gathered outside Washington University Chancellor Andrew Martin’s house on Forsyth Boulevard waving flags and chanting, May 2nd.

Inside the house an event was taking place, and the entire driveway was filled with cars.

Many of the protesters present were also in attendance at the protest on April 27 that ended with police making over 100 arrests. Outside of Martin’s house, protesters called for WashU to divest from Boeing and drop suspensions against 23 students, echoing recent demands made by ResistWashU in a press release. 

As protesters stood on the sidewalk infront of the house they chanted, ““Israel bombs, WashU pays, how many kids did you kill today?”

Eventually, one person addressed the group and called out Martin directly.

“Chancellor Martin, what happened on Saturday is your legacy,” the protester said. “This will be how you are remembered…You have the power to divest.”

For the entirety of the demonstration someone in a parked car across the street from the protesters played Israeli music in defiance of the protest. 

Other cars drove by, honking at the protesters, with some yelling messages both in support and opposition to their cause. At 8 p.m., it began to rain, and the protest subsided. There were roughly four WashU Police Department (WUPD) cars parked nearby throughout the protest but there were no interactions between WUPD and protesters.

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