Student Union holds inauguration for newly-elected representatives

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The Student Union (SU) inauguration was held in Tisch Commons to welcome new treasurers and senators to the body, April 12. Administrators and SU representatives also used the time to spotlight key members of the Student Union community throughout the 2022–2023 academic year. 

Hussein Amuri, the Executive Vice President elect, began the ceremony by welcoming Assistant Director of Campus Life and SU advisor Peggy Hermes, who is leaving Washington University at the end of the semester, to deliver remarks. 

“In 2016, when my role [at the University] shifted, and I started working with Student Union directly, working in student government was something I didn’t know a lot about,” she said. “But over the years, it has become one of the fondest parts of my work.”

She said that there are “ups and downs” in working as a student government official and encouraged the members of SU to learn from mistakes.

“These roles are not about being perfect,” Hermes said. “They are not about fighting…they are about growth. You will be wrong and then learn from it.”

At the end of her speech, Hermes said that she is “so excited to see what [SU senators and treasurers] accomplish in [their] upcoming terms.”

Miriam Silberman, the 2022​​2023 President of SU, spoke after Hermes. Silberman first congratulated Emily Chen, the new SU President and former Executive Vice President, and also said that Max Roitblat, a graduating senior and former SU Vice President of Finance, is a “voice of reason” and will be “deeply missed” in Student Union. 

She then offered words of encouragement for the new and re-elected SU representatives.

“I am unbelievably excited to see what this next generation of Student Union executive leadership does,” Silberman said.

Chen went on stage after Silberman and explained her goals as the new SU President.

“As president, I am committed to leading with transparency, inclusivity and compassion to ensure that all of our students feel supported and represented,” Chen said.

“With our newly updated constitution, my goal this year is to unify all of the branches [of SU] around our core mission and to optimize our impact on this [community],” she continued.

Chen thanked the Office of Student Affairs, her fellow SU representatives for the 20232024 year, and the outgoing members of the SU Executive Council.

Amuri returned to the stage to ask the SU representatives, as well as the graduating seniors, to stand up and receive a round of applause. Amuri mentioned Student Life and said that the relationship between student government and student press is vital  to the campus community.

Sophomore Ben Ewer, Associate Justice of the Constitutional Council, swore the SU representatives into office by branch and council.

Rob Wild, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, thanked SU for their hard work.

“On behalf of all of the administrators at the university, thank you to all of you for your service,” Wild said. “It is one of the hardest and most important leadership positions on campus to be a leader in Student Union.”

Wild also offered a farewell to Hermes and thanked her for her work.

After the inauguration ceremony, SU representatives mingled with each other and administrators. Many of the new and returning SU representatives said that they are excited for the upcoming year.

Newly-elected Treasurer Leila Asadi said that she is “really excited to make a bigger difference on campus.”

“I really wanted to join SU with all that has been happening recently, especially with Treasury,” Asadi said.

Aryan Pradhan, another new SU treasurer, said that he is also looking forward to improving campus life for WashU students next year.

“I’m excited about representing the student body,” Pradhan said. “I hope to accomplish a more equitable distribution of funds and help to advance life for students on campus.”


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