WU student robbed on Forsyth Blvd

| Senior News Editor

A Washington University student was robbed by a male subject in a blue car on the 7000 block of Forsyth Blvd. at approximately 7:30 p.m., March 31.

The subject stopped the car in the street and approached the student, demanding the student’s jacket and shoes. The student complied, and the subject drove away in his car, heading west.

According to WUPD Chief Mark Glenn, the University City Police Department is investigating the incident, with assistance from WUPD.

“We’ve already adjusted some of our patrols, and we will review that again tomorrow morning, Glenn said. “Then we also will coordinate with University City with some joint patrols in the area as well.”

If WUPD receives more information such as a better description of the subject or an update in the investigation, Glenn said that they will update the student body with another security memo.

The security memo added that when confronted in this type of situation, students should cooperate, not chase after the aggressor and immediately report the incident to the police.

“We always remind people that if someone demands property, just give it to them, and it sounds like that’s what the student did right away,” Glenn said.

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