SU election results unreleased due to ‘technical difficulties’

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Student Union did not release the results of the fall elections Wednesday. SU typically announces the results the day after the elections; voters had all day Tuesday to vote on Washington University Student Group Organizer.

According to sophomore Fadel Alkilani, an incumbent treasury representative, candidates are usually told their individual result roughly an hour after the polls close. In this election, Alkilani and another candidate did not receive their results until around 4 p.m. Wednesday. Both declined to share their outcomes because SU asks candidates not to share them until after results are publicly announced. Candidates were told they had 24 hours to reject their seat.

Student Life was able to confirm that other candidates were also told the results Wednesday.

Alkilani said he was told the results had yet to be announced due to technical difficulties.

Election commissioner Randal Walker initially declined to comment on the technical difficulties in a statement to Student Life but later wrote that results would be released Wednesday after the candidates were called. At the time of publication, the results had not been announced.

First Year Class Council Vice President of Administration Jojo Spio does not believe that the SU officers managing the election addressed the difficulties in a timely manner.

“It hasn’t been handled as it should be,” Spio said. “They’re not being open enough about what’s going on. It just seems like the way they’ve handled the election isn’t up to par; it’s not up to the standard. It doesn’t seem like it meets the values of Student Union.”

Student Union President Tyrin Truong also declined to comment.

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