Student Union votes to confirm chief of staff nominee

Noah Slaughter | Staff Reporter

Both Student Union Senate and Treasury confirmed sophomore Joshua Mantel as the Student Union Executive Board’s chief of staff, Sept. 3.

Senate voted unanimously to confirm Mantel, while Treasury had one dissenter on the grounds that the position should be written into the Student Union (SU) Constitution, rather than left to the will of the Executive Board to decide. Each year’s Executive Board can choose whether or not to have a chief of staff and, if they choose to have one, what that person’s duties will be.

This vote was the Executive Board’s second attempt to confirm a chief of staff. Senate and Treasury voted to table the previous nomination last spring because the board had not yet released executive goals for their term, leaving the legislative bodies unsure about why the board wanted a chief of staff.

Mantel applied for the position last spring, and the Executive Board chose to nominate him this fall out of the same pool of applicants from last semester because their original nominee is now on medical leave.

“We chose [Mantel], a lot because of the experience he had outside of SU, and also just his personality fits really well with our team and he can connect with people really easily,” SU Vice President of Programming junior Charlotte Pohl said. “That’s great for a chief of staff, since he’ll be working with a lot of people that he’s not going to know at first and just broadly reaching out to all SU and the student body.”

Like several chiefs of staff for previous executive boards, Mantel has had no experience in SU before now. According to SU President junior Tyrin Truong, that’s part of what the board was looking for in applicants.

“We liked the fact that he didn’t have any Student Union experience,” Truong said. “He can help bring a different perspective, because exec is pretty experienced.”

The position will last until March, when the current Executive Board’s term ends. As chief of staff, Mantel will help Executive Board members with any tasks they need, such as outreach, communication, coordination between SU bodies and event logistics.

“I’m excited to get a newfound appreciation for all the work that fellow students do to make the rest of the student body’s experience even better,” Mantel said.

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