Student carjacked Tuesday night on Waterman Boulevard

| Senior News Editor

Tuesday night, a carjacking was reported at the 6100 block of Waterman Boulevard at approximately 10:30 p.m. A student reported that when they were exiting their car, they were approached by a subject with a handgun.

The subject demanded the student pass over their car keys, phone and wallet. According to the student, there were three other individuals in the vicinity at the time of the carjacking. No injuries were reported.

The subject then drove away in the student’s car alone in an unknown direction. The vehicle was last seen north on Union Boulevard near Page Avenue and was later found in a parking lot near the intersection.

Washington University Police Department Chief Mark Glenn said he is unaware of whether the suspect has been caught or the student recovered their stolen belongings.

“We’ve been coordinating with St. Louis City Police Department to make sure that they have everything, but we have not heard that he has been arrested or what exactly their investigation has received,” he said.

According to the student, there were three other individuals nearby. They were located and detained by WUPD and were later released to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police detectives. Glenn says he does not know if the three individuals were affiliated with the carjacking.

“We always remind people to trust their instincts and be alert to their surroundings; so, when you’re driving, you’re looking around,” Glenn said. “Same thing before you get out of your vehicle, make sure you take a quick look around, and if something doesn’t feel right, trust it. If you see people following, you call the police right away. And unfortunately, if you are confronted, if someone wants your property, just give your property to that person.”

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is currently investigating the carjacking.

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