SU provides materials for Title Mine rally

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Student Union is providing materials for poster-making for the Title Mine rally, SU announced in a social media post Sunday afternoon.

Poster boards and markers will be available starting at 10 a.m. Tuesday in the SU offices on the second floor of the Danforth University Center. In addition to providing materials, SU canceled all SU representative office hours set to occur after 3:45 p.m. the day of the rally to give representatives the ability to participate.

“We all feel very passionately about being at the Title Mine rally and so we are canceling our office hours at that time and we hope that people will join us there instead,” freshman SU Vice President of Administration Steven Kish said.

Title Mine organizer and freshman Candace Hayes is appreciative of SU’s contribution.

“Student Union has graciously offered us access to their art supplies as well as their office for the upcoming Title Mine rally on Thursday afternoon. Their help is much appreciated, and we hope to see a large turnout at our poster-making sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday night from 6-9 p.m. in the SU office,” Hayes wrote in a statement to Student Life.

SU Vice President of Public Relations and junior Rory Mather thinks that providing resources and materials for students is SU’s role in supporting Title Mine.

“[Exec] agreed that while SU may not make a statement as SU, we can still provide the resources and the platform for people to be able to make their own voice be heard,” Mather said. “I think in this case, there are plenty of students who want to have their voices heard and so providing them with the physical things they need to do that is the idea behind this.”

Kish emphasized that SU wants to support Title Mine.

“SU, as a whole, is passionate about supporting the Title Mine movement, and we hope to be able to support it in any or all ways that we can,” Kish said.

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