Dining Services reintroduces sushi, will not offer guacamole

Andie Herrig

Washington University students will see fewer avocado products, more sushi and improvements to the Bottomless Mug program this semester.

While a few avocado menu items, such as avocado toast, are offered to students, Dining Services is awaiting supplies and pricing to return to their previous levels before bringing guacamole back to the menu, according to Dining Services Director of Operations April Powell.

Bears Den’s Grill located on the South 40, where freshman and sophomores mainly live.Sami Klein | Student Life

Bears Den’s Grill located on the South 40, where freshman and sophomores mainly live.

Sushi, another favorite among students, will be back on the menu after more than a year of absence. The menu item will be reintroduced to campus at the Village, Paws & Go, and the Danforth University Center beginning Monday, Sept. 18. Rollout to the remaining Dining Services locations will follow shortly thereafter.

Students expressed their concern about guacamole being cut from the menu, as it is one of the healthier vegetarian options at the DeliciOSO station in the DUC.

“It’s one of the more healthy toppings for taco salad, and it’s frustrating that they are getting rid of some of the healthier choices [because] they are more expensive,” sophomore Danielle Sternthal said.

In addition, there are increased costs on the menu this year due to price increases from Washington University’s suppliers.

“We take a hard look each year and adjust pricing to reflect the costs we incur to bring that food to you. Those adjustments are presented to, and approved by, the University. That said, you will notice some price increases on this year’s menus—menu price adjustments only happen once per year,” Powell said.

In addition to reintroducing sushi, the Bottomless Mug program has been improved and is currently present in all dining facilities. The program allows students and faculty to receive a reusable mug to refill with hot or iced coffee. In addition to providing a more affordable option for regular coffee drinkers, the program eliminates waste, supporting the University’s sustainability efforts. So far, this program has proved successful among both students and faculty.

“It was very popular from just the beginning of the school year. We’re seeing it be not just one big push at the beginning, but people are continuously seeing it as an option,” Powell added.

Upon the reopening of Whispers Cafe at the beginning of the spring semester, Whispers will feature an expanded menu. In addition to a partnership with Kaldi’s Coffee, new items, including Firepot Tea products and cold brew coffee, will be offered.

“We will be offering cold brew coffee on tap at Whispers, in addition to nitro cold brew. We work with partners who are really serious about what they do. They are on the cutting-edge of their industries and we are really excited to bring that to the student body.” Powell said.

Many students look forward to the reopening of one of their favorite cafes on campus.

“I really enjoyed going to Whispers my freshman year. It was super convenient when I was working in the library, or even just as a stop between classes. I can’t wait for it to return,” junior Eesha Sabherwal said.

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