Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life leaves WU, search process for replacement underway

| Senior Editor

Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life David Stetter no longer works for Washington University, having vacated the position on June 27. News of his departure was relayed to the various Greek-related organization presidents via an email from Associate Director for Campus Life Stephanie Weiskopf on July 10, with the University setting the target date of September 5 to fill the now-vacant position.

“Supporting the vibrant Fraternity and Sorority community is of utmost importance to Campus Life and the University,” the email reads. “We believe in the fraternal experience and are excited to identify a candidate that will support you all as you live out the mission and values of your organizations.”

Rob Wild, associate vice chancellor for students, noted that Stetter’s absence should not affect the fall fraternity rush process, as the University already has staff in place to run the proceedings. However, Wild reinforced the importance of the assistant director position and said the University had already begun an “aggressive” process to fill the empty post.

As to the nature of Stetter’s departure, Wild declined to comment, but confirmed it was unrelated to the recent federal Title IX investigations.

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