Tisch watch party loses sound, students scatter

Kayla Steinberg | Contributing Reporter

Just as last night’s second presidential debate began, the sound in Tisch Commons in the Danforth University Center—the location of one of Student Union’s sponsored debate watch parties—cut out on Sunday, Oct. 9.


Hundreds of students who were excited to partake in one of the biggest debate watch parties on campus were unable to hear what Trump and Clinton were saying and instead had to rely on subtitles.

Though Tisch Commons was filled with food and festivities, the debate hype for some students was deflated by the sound malfunction.

“I find it very unprofessional… of the university to not check for any problems,” freshman Benjamin Ushman said. They should’ve spoken with the cable company and seem unprepared… I find it so ironic that they made such a big deal about going to the Tisch Commons room and couldn’t show it”.

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