Student Life wins 18 Missouri collegiate newspaper awards

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Student Life, the independent student newspaper of Washington University, won 18 awards in the 2016 Missouri College Media Association newspaper contest.

The contest honors collegiate journalism published in the state of Missouri in 2015. The awards were announced at the annual Missouri College Media Association (MCMA) convention held this past weekend at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Student Life won second place in the Division 1 Sweepstakes contest, where papers are awarded points for wins in the contest’s 25 categories. Four points were awarded for each first-place finish, three points for second place, two points for third place and one for each honorable mention. The Maneater, the University of Missouri-Columbia’s newspaper, took first place in the Sweepstakes competition. The Maneater also took first place in the Division 1 Best Overall Newspaper competition.

Senior Becca Christman, former creative director, and junior Noah Jodice, former associate editor, raked in the greatest number of individual honors for Student Life, winning four awards each.

Here are the individual winners for Student Life:


Student Life (2nd Place)

News Writing:

Megan Magray “Students, protesters face off at St. Louis Planned Parenthood” (1st Place)

Feature Writing:

Noah Jodice “The young man and the diner or: How I learned to stop worrying and love sleep” (Honorable Mention)

Sports Writing:

Zach Kram “Volleyball stages dramatic comeback to win UAA title” (Honorable Mention)

Sports Writing:

Aaron Brezel “Fish are friends, not projectiles: Crew team bombarded by Asian carp” (Honorable Mention)

In-Depth News Reporting:

Noa Yadidi “School’s new Pell plan part of bigger push” (Honorable Mention)

Investigative Reporting:

Zach Kram and Katie Marcus “FYC makes plan to cancel small pre-o programs” (3rd Place)


Maddie Wilson “An open letter to Dining Services: Or, why I now have trust issues” (3rd Place)

Sports Column:

Noah Jodice “Points, pride and picnics: My first time at a Wash. U. football game” (Honorable Mention)

Entertainment Review:

Mark Matousek “Why you need to watch Broad City” (3rd Place)

Feature Photography:

Justin Ho “Fall WILD: Crowd bubbles over for Kygo” (2nd Place)

Political/Editorial Cartoon:

Becca Christman “#AllLivesMatter” (1st Place) page A6

Nonpolitical/Entertainment Cartoon:

Steph Waldo “Fin” (1st Place) page 5

Information Graphic:

Maddie Wilson “A growing sisterhood” (1st Place) bottom of page 1

Story Illustration:

Noah Jodice “The prisoner and the cyclops” (2nd Place) page 8

Sports Page:

Becca Christman and Zach Kram “The longest con” (1st Place) page 1, 3

Feature Page:

Becca Christman and Noah Jodice “The young man and the diner or: How I learned to stop worrying and love sleep” (2nd Place) page 6-7

Feature Page:

Becca Christman and Rima Parikh “Dancing with the devil: Scene’s exclusive interview with The Satanic Temple of St. Louis” (3rd Place) page 7-8

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