Alpha Delta Phi approved for Greek housing, Castlereigh to undergo renovations

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Alpha Delta Phi, Washington University’s most recently established fraternity, has been officially assigned an on-campus Greek house.

That’s not the only change coming to Wash. U. housing this year. Castlereigh, a six-story apartment building located on the north end of the Delmar Loop, will undergo renovations this summer, which will consist of a thorough update of the building structure, up to modern standards.

House 1, which was previously available to all students, will be occupied exclusively by members of Alpha Delt beginning next academic year. Alpha Delt’s move will bring the total number of on-campus chapters to ten. The fraternity, which began forming in 2012, has been in the process of moving into an on-campus house since 2014, when the University and Interfraternity Council (IFC) formally recognized it. IFC announced the news this past weekend at a Greek leadership retreat.

“This has happened many times in the past, where a fraternity house is not occupied by a fraternity and [what] we often would do is put non-Greek students in that house,” associate vice chancellor for students Rob Wild explained about the availability of housing for the new fraternity.

Alpha Delt president, sophomore Nathan Gartlan, said that they owed the accomplishment in part to the effort of previous members who were never given the chance to live in an official fraternity house.

“While many of the older undergraduate brothers and recent alumni who worked to make this dream a reality will not have the opportunity to live there, their dedication and selflessness makes living in the house all the more humbling for the brothers who will have the chance to do so,” Gartlan said.

Alpha Delt external vice president, sophomore Max Lowenthal, said that obtaining the house was no small task but will greatly contribute to the future of the fraternity.

“The brotherhood is very excited about the opportunity to live in House 1…As someone who really cares about the future of this chapter, seeing the administration support us through this process has been gratifying and right now honestly feels pretty amazing,” Lowenthal said.

Sophomore Jameson Cook, IFC president, said that moving into the house would help Alpha Delt become more involved with the Greek life community.

“Alpha Delt is a relatively young chapter, but has already made a dramatic impact as a new Wash. U. fraternity. I’m glad to see that they’ll now be represented as a fraternity living on campus in the Upper Row so that they can only get more active and involved moving forward,” Cook said.

In addition, the Office of Residential Life will now be in charge of the assignment process for House 11, which will continue to be open to both Greek and non-Greek students. In the past, the Student Involvement and Leadership office (SIL) was responsible for this process. SIL, however, will continue to manage House 11.

“We just figured it was better for students to just have one place to go to request housing, and that’s just a different kind of housing to request,” Wild said.

Castlereigh’s renovation is currently in design, director of off-campus real estate Steve Condrin said, but it will be a complete renovation.

Quadrangle Housing, a subsidiary of Washington University-owned housing, will oversee the planned modifications. Each unit will be remodeled with all-new appliances as well as a new building and life safety system, which will meet current building code regulations.

“We have systematically been going through and renovating as part of a seven-year plan to update most of our housing and bring it up to modern standards,” Condrin said in reference to other properties along Washington Avenue that were recently renovated this past summer.

The Castlereigh apartments won’t be available for residential use for two years until the summer of 2018. This is due to the fact that the renovations also include the replacement of every interior system of the building, which demands time.

“A lot of these properties like Castlereigh are historic buildings that we go to extensive length to preserve their historic features and preserve the original elements,” Condrin said.

Additional reporting by Emily Schienvar.

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