Senior trip moves to Kansas City, Mo.

| Senior News Editor

After years of being held in Chicago, this year’s senior class trip will be held on the other side of the state in Kansas City, Mo.

Senior Jeremy Sherman, president of senior class council, said that class council had initially called several hotels in downtown Chicago when planning the trip, but all of the hotels it called were unavailable due to a convention being held the weekend of Oct. 17-19.

After considering other cities near St. Louis, the class council decided to hold the annual fall break outing in Kansas City, with a formal at the College Basketball Experience, a basketball museum and event venue serving as the highlight of the weekend.

“It came down to two things. Number one was the unavailability of places like Chicago and Nashville but also the opportunity to change it up and do something different and create more with a place that costs less,” Sherman said.

The class council’s other plans for the trip include exploring the downtown Power & Light District, which includes several bars and entertainment venues, and providing buses to the Country Club Plaza, a shopping district south of the city proper.

Although the senior cruise typically held in Chicago will not take place in Kansas City, Sherman said he believes the formal will make up for the cruise’s absence.

“On the boat cruise, it was really just a boat and a [cash] bar…we’ve sort of taken that and expanded it,” Sherman said. “Yes, we’re not going to be on water, but we’re in an awesome college basketball arena venue. We have better food than they had; we have a live band, which they never had; and the boat cruise is shorter.”

Seniors had mixed feelings about the trip. Some, like senior Adam Palmer, were excited about the chance to explore a new city.

“I saw the video that they showed and it looked like it would be really fun. And if a lot of people go, that makes it even more fun,” Palmer said. “Kansas City probably has its own things to offer that we couldn’t get in Chicago.”

Palmer also said he was excited to try Kansas City barbecue.

Senior Michelle Royle, who is from the Kansas City area, said that although she would have preferred not to return to her hometown for the senior trip, location was not her primary concern.

“I’d be more excited about hanging out with my friends. I don’t really care about the location,” Royle said.

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