‘Incubator’ Ursa’s space to be dictated by student feedback

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A blackboard in The Incubator in Ursa’s advertises Sweet Bubble, the current occupant of the space. The space will be filled according to student opinions posted on a bulletin board.

From hot chocolate to artisan coffees to bubble tea—whatever comes next, the students will decide.

The space in Ursa’s previously occupied by Bloom Coffee—and in previous years a hot chocolate bar—has been renamed The Incubator, a space where students can voice their opinions about what they’d like to see.

“What we want to do in that space is have it be a sounding board for students,” April Powell, director of marketing and communications for Dining Services, said.

Powell explained that The Incubator will house a large bulletin board on which students can write and post comments or suggestions about what they’d like to see in the space. Dining Services will use these comments to evaluate the station currently in place.

“It will help us generate ideas that we as a team can flesh out and put it to a vote,” Powell said. “Closing in on the end of the semester, we can say, ‘Here’s what we’ve received.’”

The Incubator currently houses Sweet Bubble, which serves bubble tea and crepes. While crepes are an old staple at Ursa’s, the bubble tea is a new addition this year.

Powell said that Sweet Bubble is not necessarily permanent but that Dining Services is doing a trial period to see how students react.

“We’re using it as a testing ground to see what students want,” Powell said. “It gives us an opportunity to see if [Sweet Bubble] would work somewhere else on campus.”

There have also been some physical changes in the construction of Ursa’s, including removing the physical barrier between the space in which The Incubator currently resides and the rest of Ursa’s.

“They took out the wall between the two, so it’s not as congested, and it’s a different feel,” Nadeem Siddiqui, Dining Services resident district manager, said.

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