US Rep. Russ Carnahan addresses Middle East security issues in DUC

Russ Carnahan, Democratic Congressman for Missouri’s third district—which contains Washington University, spoke to students and community members Wednesday night as part of an event organized by Wash. U. Students for Israel. Carnahan, a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, spoke about topics including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iran and turmoil in Syria.

Students filled the Danforth University Center’s Tisch Commons to hear Carnahan speak.

After a 20-minute prepared speech, Carnahan fielded questions from audience members.

He discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the possibility of a two state solution. He said that the peacemaking process will require strong leadership from both parties.

“Basic people-to-people interaction is going to be important in the long term. In the short term I think it’s going to take some bold, courageous moves on the part of leaders. We have a historic obligation here to make progress … in many ways, not making progress is regressing,” Carnahan said.

When speaking about Syria, he noted the United States government’s concern over the slaughter and human rights violations taking place there.

He later addressed Iran’s potential for acquiring nuclear weapons.

“Iran is the most clear and present threat. …Iran having nuclear weapons would destabilize the entire region of the Middle East,” Carnahan said.

Carnahan was elected to Congress in 2004. In addition to serving on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, he serves on the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure as well as the Committee on Veterans Affairs. His sister, Robin Carnahan, is the Missouri Secretary of State.

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