Police investigate robbery, attempted robbery that occurred Thursday night

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Location of crime.

St. Louis and University City police are investigating a robbery and attempted robbery that they believe were committed by the same suspect.

The crimes were committed around 11 p.m. on Thursday.

Neither victim was seriously injured and both declined medical attention.

One victim was walking on Eastgate in University City when a vehicle pulled up next to him and the suspect yelled, exited the vehicle, struck the victim then took his keys and phone.

The other victim was biking west on the 6100 block of Pershing in St. Louis when the suspect drove by and grabbed the strap of her purse. The strap broke and the victim fell off her bike, but the suspect fled without stealing anything.

The vehicle in both cases was described as a black four door GMC Yukon type vehicle with tinted windows. The man who committed the robbery was described as a 6’1″ black male with dark clothing.

Members of Washington University’s off-campus community were notified of the robbery and attempted robbery through email Friday morning. They were advised to observe standard safety precautions.

The full text of the University’s email to the off-campus community:

INCIDENT: Robbery/Att. Robbery
LOCATION: Eastgate and Cates in University City 6100 Block of Pershing in St. Louis
DATE/TIME: Thursday, September 29 at about 11pm
SPECIFICS: Police in University City and St. Louis are investigating two incidents that occurred about 11pm last night that likely involved the same suspects. In one case, the victim was walking on Eastgate in U-City when a vehicle pulled alongside the curb; a suspect yelled at him; a suspect exited the vehicle and struck the victim; the suspects then took the victim’s keys and cell phone. The suspect and vehicle then fled. The victim was not seriously injured and declined medical treatment. In the second incident the victim was riding her bike west bound on Pershing in St. Louis when a vehicle pulled alongside her and a suspect grabbed the strap to her purse. The strap broke and the victim fell to the ground. The vehicle fled and nothing was stolen. The victim declined medical treatment. Police are investigating.

SUSPECT VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Black four door GMC Yukon type vehicle with tinted windows. The suspect in the U-City incident was described as a black male about 6’1” in height with dark clothing.

· Avoid walking or jogging alone and never walk or jog alone after dark.
· Always choose a well-lit path and avoid dark or vacant areas.
· Carry a whistle to summon help.
· Be alert to your surroundings. If you suspect you are being followed, run in a different direction; go to the other side of the street and yell or whistle for help; or head quickly to a lighted area, a group of people, or business.
· If you are confronted by a thief, give them what they want and don’t chase them as they leave. Report suspicious persons or activity immediately to the Police.
· Be extra cautious if someone approaches your car and asks for information.
· Consider using the Campus2Home Shuttle Service. For more information visit transportation.wustl.edu

RESPONSE: Report suspicious activities/persons immediately to the University City or St. Louis Police at 9-1-1. Contact University City or St. Louis Police if you have any information that might assist in this investigation.

This message is provided by the WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY POLICE DEPARTMENT as a way to alert Off Campus students to situations for which precautions should be taken.

We each play an important role toward ensuring our own safety and that of our community.

Issued: September 30, 2011

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