Students voice criticism of campus Wi-Fi in Senate

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Barbara Braun, Director of STS, answers questions from students at the Senate meeting Wednesday night in Simon Hall.

Barbara Braun, Director of STS, answers questions from students at the Senate meeting Wednesday night in Simon Hall.

Many students are still having difficulties accessing wireless Internet on campus, despite continued efforts by Student Technology Services to improve connectivity.

At a Student Union Senate meeting Wednesday, students reported having difficulties with Wi-Fi in residence halls, Holmes Lounge, the DUC and the art and architecture schools.

But according to Barbara Braun, director of Student Technology Services, many of these issues are not related to STS—which, she says, made significant improvements over the summer.

“We have buildings that we’re doing improvements to…[because] students had complained quite a bit about the wireless,” Braun said. “We are still hearing from those we have yet to service.”

Addressing SU Senate regarding wireless improvements on campus, Braun noted that STS has targeted eight residential buildings in which the Internet accessibility needed to be improved.

Most of the buildings were made priorities following STS’s annual inspection of dorm routers over the summer. Other buildings, such as Hurd, were added to the list following student complaints.

Improvements in Dardick, Lien and Hurd have been completed; work on Rutledge is set to begin next week with Park and Mudd to follow.

According to Braun, STS has not received complaints about Internet issues from students in the buildings that have been renovated.

While STS is continuing to receive complaints about Internet issues in other dorms and parts of campus, Braun said STS has to be selective in which areas it targets due to budget constraints.

Outside of SU, numerous students noted that connecting is consistently an issue, though they have few complaints about wireless Internet speed.

“If I try to use WUFI-S, I can’t get the Internet to work,” freshman Alex Min said. “In my dorm room, I just use an Ethernet cable.”

Other students agreed that Internet connectivity is consistently spotty.

“It works sometimes, not other times; it works okay when you can get on it,” senior Aleena Agrawal said. “It’s always kind of been this way.”

Some students, on the other hand, said they have not experienced any difficulties with Wi-Fi this year.

“It’s fine this year; it was really bad last year,” junior Julie Castelbaum said.

STS made it a goal to improve Internet on campus this year. Student Life reported earlier this month that STS doubled the available bandwidth on campus over the summer and was planning on installing new routers in places where the Internet connection was particularly weak.

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