Rock the Row party-free this year

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The night of Rock the Row was unusually quiet this year.

Interfraternity Council (IFC) advised the fraternities not to hold any evening events after Rock the Row on Monday. The annual event marks the opening of Greek Life on campus to new students.

In past years, the night of Rock the Row has been an active night on Fraternity Row, allowing freshmen their first access to parties held at the fraternity houses.

This year, after an informal meeting of the Interfraternity Council, the governing and coordinating body of all 12 fraternities, members of the council sent emails reminding the fraternities that there were no registered parties and advising them not to host parties.

According to IFC Internal Vice President, Jeff Shevach, the decision not to hold events on Monday night was made based on several factors, including the beginning of the fall recruitment period. IFC decided it would be in the best interest of the fraternities not to hold events Monday night.

“Certainly fraternities are being a little more cautious because right now we are going through fall recruitment, so you don’t want any sanctions to hinder your recruiting process and maybe not get a fall pledge class. So maybe they were being a little more cautious on that end. But we weren’t telling them explicitly ‘Don’t have any events,’” he said.

IFC President Eric Salzberg, a senior, said the email was entirely motivated by concern for the safety of students.

“We have registered parties for safety. We have B&D there for safety reasons. Rock the Row is externally perceived to be a day where unregistered social events might occur,” Salzberg said. “Any time a fraternity has had an unregistered social event that has been broken up it has gone through our formal standards process.”

Some freshmen felt that they were missing out on a college experience and an opportunity to bond with fraternity members.

“I was looking forward to it. I’m thinking about going Greek so it would have been a nice introduction,” freshman Jordan Nick said.

Other freshmen were less concerned.

“We have a whole year to go [to the frats],” Aubrey Richards said.

David Wallace, the coordinator for Greek housing, thinks that keeping the unregistered parties at a minimum will help enhance the Greek Life community.

“I’ve had several leaders of the past couple years get really frustrated by the fact that people knock on the door and demand entry to a place carved out for members,” Wallace said. “The fraternities are not the place that should be designated as freshmen taverns.”

This coming weekend will be the first opportunity for any of the fraternity houses to register a party. They are each required to hold one registered, open house event each semester.

With additional reporting by Emily Sybrant.

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