Two robbery incidents occur Thursday, crime alert sent Friday

Thursday evening two robberies occurred near-campus; however, the University body was not made aware of these incidents until an e-mail announcement was sent out on Friday morning.

At 8:30 pm Thursday evening, a graduate student’s fiancée was accosted by three suspects outside of her apartment in the 6300 block of Cabanne, located in University City.

After driving to her apartment and noticing suspicious subjects, the fiancee drove to the back of her apartment. After approaching her, the subjects insisted that she give them her keys and money. The victim handed over her possessions and they tried to steal her car. However, as they did not know how to drive a manual transmission, the suspects could not drive the vehicle. They therefore fled the scene on foot.

University City police took three suspects into custody later in the evening. The victim was left uninjured.

The second robbery occurred later that night. At around 11:45 p,m, two suspects approached four students who were walking in the 6100 block of Waterman, located near Rosedale.

“The people in this case followed precautions in giving up their property and walking in a group of people,” WUPD Chief Don Strom said. “You have to be aware of what’s going on around you.’

One robber hit one of the male students in the leg. The robbers demanded personal items, and were given them. They then fled the scene in a nearby car. The car was described as being a black four-door vehicle.

St. Louis police are still trying to find the suspects. The victim whose leg was struck is not seriously injured.

“It’s fortunate that no one was injured,” Strom said.

WUPD and the St. Louis Police Department will be increasing their patrols in the Waterman area.

That the robber was using a car makes finding him more difficult, according to Strom.

“It becomes a little more difficult when someone uses the car and drives in to the area and drives out of the area,” Strom said. “It will be a bit of a challenge, but hopefully the increased resources will end with someone apprehended.”

As always, the police request that everyone reports suspicious activities and persons to the police at 9-1-1. Further, they remind students that they should stay alert and not walk alone after dark. If accosted, they should give a thief what they want immediately and then report the situation to the police.

With additional reporting by Michelle Merlin

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