WeCar rates reduced

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The hourly rates for the WeCar sharing program on campus will be reduced starting Monday. The new rates will be $5 per hour for a sedan and $8 per hour for an SUV compared to the old rates of $10 and $12 respectively.

The WeCar program is open to all WUSTL students, faculty and staff and employees of qualified service providers. All WeCar users must have a valid driver’s license and credit card. In addition, students between 18 and 20 years old must have their own car insurance.

Students are unsure about what the change will bring.

“I do not use the WeCar,” senior Patrick Carrera said. “Price was not what kept me away from the WeCar. I will not use it even though prices have gone down because I have no use for it. I do know people who use the WeCar, but I do not think that the price change will affect those who use it for community service since it’s already free.”

The WeCar program uses hybrid vehicles exclusively, which are greener options for transportation.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which operates the WeCar program at the University, announced that it will be add three more WeCar sedans to campus beginning Monday. The new sedans will be added to the South 40, the Snow Way garage and North Campus.

This addition will increase the size of the WeCar fleet on campus to 10 vehicles at six different locations.

At present, there are five WeCar locations on campus. The parking lot in front of Givens Hall has one sedan; the parking lot in front of Mallinckrodt Center has one sedan and one SUV; the South 40 parking garage has three sedans, and the Snow Way garage has two sedans. The Medical Campus has a sedan in one of its parking lots.

Registration for the WeCar program is free, and participants must be at least 18 years old. Fuel and maintenance for the WeCar are included in the hourly rental fee.

WeCars have been available at Washington University since January 2008.

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