Firefighters respond to Lee Dormitory, no injuries reported

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The fire on the second floor of Lee Dormitory earlier today was caused by a microwave oven.

“It was a fire in a microwave oven. I think they’re still investigating, what I’m hearing is there was some kind of electrical fire, but it was not like an intentional fire set or anything like that,” said Don Strom, Chief of the Washington University Police Department.

Students in the building were evacuated immediately and there were no injuries.

Strom said that a police officer put the fire out with a fire extinguisher.

According to Paul Mercurio, assistant chief at Clayton Fire Department, the fire was already extinguished when firefighters arrived but that there was still ‘quite a bit of smoke there.’

The firefighters on the scene worked to clear the smoke from the second floor of the dormitory.

Mercurio said that the microwave’s wooden stand also ignited from the heat of the microwave.

It is unclear what caused the microwave to catch fire.

“We did not find anything in the microwave. Nothing was burned in the food compartment of the seciont,” Mercurio said. “It didnt’ look like anyone had neglected food that they were cooking.”

The damages to the building are not yet known.

According to students at the scene, at least three fire trucks responded to the fire; an unknown number of ambulances were on the scene. A Student Life staff member who approached the dormitory was stopped about 25 feet away from the building by a police officer because of the fire. All firefighters have since left the scene.

This is a breaking news update. Check back soon for more information.

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