Athletic Complex block funding will not appear on SU ballot

| Senior News Editor

The Athletic Complex may feel some financial hardships in the coming year.

According to Student Body President Jeff Nelson, supporters of block funding for the Athletic Complex (AC) did not gather the 900 required signatures to get the initiative on the ballot.

Two years ago, the AC received block funding for two years at $60,000 per year. The funding helped to keep the AC open for longer hours, waived a fee for students to use the cardio equipment, and kept machines maintained.

The initiative should not appear on the ballot, but Nelson is unsure whether the student records office will be able to remove it from WebSTAC before the election. Should it appear, the results will not be validated.

The initiative’s supporters intended to allocate $100,000 for the AC for the next two years.

“If they don’t get the money, there will be a potential reduction in hours and a cardio fee for students and equipment won’t be as well maintained,” Nelson said.

The students who sponsored block funding for the AC two years ago graduated. As a result, the initiative doesn’t have any current sponsors who put funding for the AC at the top of their agenda.

“[Funding for the AC] was something that we didn’t have the infrastructure within SU to maintain this project,” Nelson said. “We realized we needed to redo this or let it go…We weren’t able to get the 900 [signatures] because no one was solely focused on it.”

Nevertheless, Nelson asserted that Student Union is looking for alternative ways to fund the AC.

“We’re going to meet and discuss it. We’re going to look and see what’s possible,” Nelson said. “Once we find out who wins the election [for the next student body president], maybe it’s something they will consider putting in the budget.”

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