Major changes soon to come to South 40

Rutledge and Myers to close next school year

| Staff Reporter

Three construction projects to be completed next year will bring significant changes to the South 40.

The completion of Eliot B, the parent building of the current Thomas Eliot House, will provide an opportunity for freshmen living in Eliot House to continue to live in modern housing in their residential college. Currently, freshmen in Eliot House are given preference in the traditional residence halls of the HIGE Residential College—Hitzeman, Hurd and Myers halls—and Shepley House, a modern dorm.

Rori Fiebert is a sophomore who lived in Eliot House last year and currently lives in Hurd Hall. She said that while she doesn’t dislike the traditional housing, she definitely would have preferred modern housing.

“I would definitely have considered Eliot B,” she said. “Personally, I would have wanted to live there, but our suite ended up having six people, so we ended up in Hurd.”

With the completion of Eliot B and the rest of the South 40 House, the new housing will add 146 and 94 beds, respectively, for a total of 240 beds. To compensate for this increase in beds, there are currently no plans to house students in Rutledge or Myers residence halls next year, which combine for a total of 180 beds, according Justin Carroll, assistant vice chancellor for students and dean of students. Should Myers and Rutledge halls be kept open next year, the University would be in violation of the cap on the number of beds allowed on the South 40. The cap was established by the city of Clayton.

Additionally, Clayton requires one parking space for every three beds on the South 40. With the addition of 60 beds, the South 40 will house a little fewer than 3,000 beds total. Currently, Lien Garage contains 326 parking spots, while Wohl Garage contains 429 parking spots for a total of 755 parking spots. In addition, the Alumni House parking lot and the church parking lot on Wydown bring the total number of parking spots to 925, so the University will surpass the minimum parking requirement set out by the city.

The biggest changes next year on the South 40 will be the completion of the new dining area and the opening of a gathering place that will be called College Hall.

“Students have been very patient this year with our temporary serving area, and I think they are really going to appreciate the completion of this important project,” Carroll said.

The completed dining area will feature expanded service, a new market and increased dining areas.

Fiebert is one of many who had complaints about the dining service this year.

“It was terrible,” Fiebert said. “We couldn’t get specifically what we wanted, and the lines were ridiculous.”

Fiebert said that she wasn’t planning on living on the South 40 next year, instead opting to go to the Village.

“I’m probably going to have to walk back to the South 40 to check [the new dining facilities] out,” Fiebert said.

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