ZBT’s recognition suspended at national and campus levels

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Due to multiple alleged infractions that occurred during the fraternity recruitment process this semester, Zeta Beta Tau fraternity’s recognition on both the University and national level is currently suspended pending further investigation.

ZBT is currently prohibited from having any programming and is essentially a non-functioning body.

“A temporary suspension simply means that we, along with their national headquarters, are investigating alleged policy violations and that the chapter should not put itself in an even more difficult situation by continuing in a business-as-usual manner,” Director of Greek Life Michael Hayes wrote in an e-mail to Student Life on Sunday. “It protects all of the stakeholders.”

The alleged infractions occurred during the recruitment process that ran from Jan. 23 to Feb. 3. The fraternity’s recognition was suspended on Friday, February 5.

Student Life could not confirm details about the alleged recruitment infractions.

According to Kurt Wall, president of the interfraternity council (IFC), ZBT was not allowed to participate in bid acceptance night on Saturday as other fraternities were.

Prospective members who were extended bids from ZBT met with chapter leaders and David Wallace, coordinator for housing programs in the Greek Life Office (GLO), and were told that ZBT was not currently accepting new members but that they could potentially accept their bids in the coming weeks pending the results of the investigation.

If applicable, prospective members could also accept a bid they received from another fraternity.

The first part of the investigation will occur Monday when sophomore Lian States and junior Zachary Buckner—the vice president of standards for the Women’s Panhellenic Association and IFC respectively—meet with Hayes to determine whether ZBT will face the Greek Life Standards Board.

Wall said that it is likely that the case will reach the board.

The Greek Like Standards Board consists of States, Buckner and one delegate from each sorority and fraternity chapter. The board is the self-governing judicial body for fraternities and sororities and conducts hearings for chapters that have violated University, state, or Greek Life policies.

At stake are the fraternity’s national and University recognition, which are not necessarily contingent upon one another.

If ZBT loses its national recognition, it could also lose its house. The fraternity chapter is housed in an off-campus apartment on Forsyth Boulevard. The apartment is owned by the national ZBT organization.

But Wall said that the outcome of the investigation does not have to be an all-or-nothing result.

“There are intermediates between the two extremes,” Wall said.

Wall noted that the ZBT chapter has been cooperating with the GLO, IFC and the standards process.

Junior Andrew Bort, president of ZBT, said that he was confident that the chapter would come out of the investigation as a recognized fraternity chapter.

“We believe that we are in the right here,” Bort said. “So we are pretty sure that we will come out of this just fine.”

Wall said that the investigation would likely be completed in one or two weeks.

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