First slate announces candidacy for 2010-11 SU exec.

Slate promises accessibility, campus pride and a more strategic SU

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The Bold Slate is running for SU executive positions in March.

The Bold Slate is running for SU executive positions in March.

Student Union Vice President of Administration Nate Ferguson announced on Tuesday that he will be running for SU president as the head of the Bold Slate, which is the first slate to announce its candidacy for SU executive positions.

Bold Slate is the first slate to announce its candidacy for the 2010-2011 school year. Candidacy packets are due to the SU office by Feb. 22. More slates are anticipated to announce their candidacy in the coming weeks.

The Bold Slate is comprised of Ferguson (president), Mike Post (vice president of administration), Olivia Hassan (vice president of finance), Tricia Bailey (vice president of programming) and Ehi Okoruwa (vice president of public relations). Each member currently holds or has held an SU position except Bailey, who was an executive for Mr. Wash. U.

The name of the slate is intended to stimulate action by the student body.

“We really wanted to embolden the student body to be able to feel comfortable coming to SU and talking about what issues they are passionate about,” Ferguson said. “We also won’t be afraid to be bold and challenge the status quo if it is harming the students.”

Three central ideas surround Bold Slate’s campaign. First, the slate wants to make SU more accessible to students, help people feel comfortable approaching SU and see it as a tool for advocacy and event planning.

“We want SU to be seen as a resource—a place where students can go for help with PR and event planning­—and also for SU to be seen as an advocacy tool…not just seen as a cash cow,” Ferguson said.

Second, Ferguson wants to push SU to be more strategic in its actions. As a part of this goal, the slate will also create a five-year improvement plan for the body.

“I want to help student groups…by reducing over-programming, and then also I want to make it more strategic to create a five-year plan to help SU combat its internal instability,” Ferguson said.

In the final component of the plan, the Bold Slate hopes to improve the student experience by increasing school pride and increasing campus card functionality so that it may be used off campus.

Equally important to the slate is making its members available to the University community.

“We want to have one-on-one interactions with students by going to student groups’ meetings,” Ferguson said. “Another component of outreach is I want to hold office hours for execs at various places around campus so that students who don’t go to SU have access to SU execs,” Ferguson said. “I also want to have comment boxes all around campus to say what is wrong with Student Union or campus as a whole.”

Ferguson said that the slate looks forward to working with University administrators.

“I have a lot of relationships with administrators, and as a lot of people know, Wash. U. is built on relationships, so having those relationships will be key,” Ferguson said. “The president role has to be balanced with relationships with administrators and not being afraid to stand up for students.”

The Bold Slate plans to campaign in many ways, including traditional methods like distributing flyers and establishing Facebook groups. Ferguson also plans to campaign through direct contact with individual students.

“As we’re doing next year with active outreach, I want to have those one-on-one interactions with students and have our slate get to know the student body better than we already do,” Ferguson said.

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