SAE set to return to Fraternity Row

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Four years after Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s housing contract was cancelled, the fraternity is on track to return to House 6 on Fraternity Row for the upcoming fall semester.

When marijuana was found in the house in December 2006, housing contracts for the individuals living in the house were cancelled. The fraternity (SAE) then lost its University recognition in July 2007 after being put on probation and exercising improper behavior at its formal. In December 2008, the Greek Life Office gave SAE permission to be fully recognized once again for the Spring 2009 semester.

Now, according to SAE president Garrett Schreiber, getting the house back is the next step in SAE’s recovery. SAE recently approached the University and expressed interest in receiving a house again.

According to Michael Hayes, the executive director of Campus Life, SAE wanted to know if the University would approve its request for on-campus housing.

They consequently have been in close contact trying to work out the details and ensure that SAE was doing everything it was supposed to be doing to obtain housing.

“We’ve been in contact with them over the past couple months figuring out if now would be a good time for them to come back in,” Hayes said.

SAE’s return to housing is not yet official, but according to Hayes, it is expected to occur soon.

“We’ve been talking with the alumni, the undergraduate chapter, and when all the t’s are cross[ed] and the i’s are dotted, we’ll make it an official announcement,” Hayes said. “But if everything continues going as good as it’s been going, that will clearly happen soon.”

SAE’s House Corporation sent a security deposit check to the Greek Life Office a few weeks ago. According to Schreiber, the Greek Life Office is just waiting for the contracts to be signed, and he was under the impression that SAE’s return to House 6 should be official within a week.

SAE’s president is very excited for their return to fraternity row.

“[House 6] was where our house always was and it’s…a goal that we had to get back on the Row,” Schreiber said.

Schreiber mentioned that a lot of work has gone into earning their spot back on fraternity row, and many of the older members have spent several years working to get their house back.

“We worked hard in the first semester to do philanthropy and community service and everything that a good fraternity should do,” Schreiber said.

SAE’s housing, like that of the other chapters, will be governed by the Interfraternity Council, and will not have any special conditions or rules.

Hayes mentioned that the University is glad that SAE is set to get its housing back.

“This is the next logical step [for the chapter], and we’re clearly excited for them and we want them to be successful,” Hayes said.

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