New allegations surface against Mother’s Original

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According to Alan Griffin, a 27-year-old Chicago native, discrimination is nothing new to Mother’s Bar.

Griffin, who described himself of mixed background, said that he experienced the same treatment as six Washington University students on two different occasions—once six years ago and again two weeks ago.

During Griffin’s first attempt to enter the bar when he was 21 he was refused based on the same dress code that was applied in the case of the University students.  Two weeks ago after hearing that there had been a change in the atmosphere at Chicago bars, Griffin tried to again to enter Mother’s.

Wearing a pair of regular jeans, which Griffin described as the tightest pair of jeans he owns, and a Sean John sweater,  Griffin was turned away as according to the bouncer “that brand [Sean John] doesn’t fit in here.”

While Griffin stood at the door, three white patrons exited the bar wearing Eckō brand jeans. When he questioned the bouncer as to why the three white men had been allowed to enter wearing such clothing,  he was told “We don’t want your business.”

Griffin believes that the difference between him and the other customers was not his clothing, but his race.

“They don’t try to hide it at all. They’re real jerk with it,” Griffin said.

Representatives from Mothers declined to be interviewed this weekend by Student Life but said in a news release that the bar “does not discriminate against guests or patrons on the basis of race, and would never tolerate discriminatory conduct.” Mothers said it is conducting an investigation into the case and will take disciplinary action if necessary.

In reviews of the Bar on, there are multiple allegations of discriminatory conduct by bouncers at Mother’s.

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