Courtney Reeves, SU VP of public relations, resigns

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Courtney Reeves, Student Union vice president of public relations, announced early this afternoon that she would be resigning her post, effective Sept. 9.

According to the announcement, made via e-mail to Student Life, Reeves is “unable to fully commit” to all the duties of her position due to health and personal reasons. Student Union (SU) is now seeking a replacement for Reeves and will announce her successor by Sept. 9.

Reeves said she talked to the executive board about her resignation last Friday, and officially announced her decision to leave her position to SU Tuesday evening at the treasury meeting.

The student body elected Reeves to her post this past April as part of the Montana slate, along with Jeff Nelson, Nate Ferguson, David Cohen and Trevor Mattea.

“It’s been wonderful. These guys are like my family,” Reeves said. “They are some of the most dedicated, passionate students at Wash. U. and working with them has been a pleasure.”

Reeves did not elaborate on the personal issues that prompted her resignation, but said she hopes to still be involved with SU in the future.

“I can’t leave Student Union behind. It’s been a big part of my life these past three year,” Reeves said.

While Reeves will play a small role in helping to select the next VP of public relations, she said that Nelson, SU president, will ultimately make the appointment

“The next VP of public relations is going to have a really exciting opportunity to publicize some really great events,” Reeves said.

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