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Zoe Oppenheimer | Student Life

*Sound of a bell ringing after winning a carnival game*


Senior Multimedia Editor Jared Adelman and Managing Scene Editor Olivia Poolos interviewed various attendees and booth operators at this past weekend’s ThurtenE Carnival. Here are some of our favorite clips from Saturday. Accompanying photos from Zoe Oppenheimer. 



Listen to Freshman Jack Hobert, a member of Sigma Nu, talk about his time in the dunk tank.

Student Life: “How many times conservatively would you say you’ve been dunked?”

JH: “I would say I’ve been dunked between 20 and 30 times.”

Hobert then explained why he signed up to work at Sigma Nu’s dunk tank. 

“We’re being forced to be in this position. No, we’re voluntarily accepting this position.”



Zoe Oppenheimer | Student Life



Junior Dora Tabachnick detailed one family’s reaction to the Heart Pong activity at the Save A Heart booth. 

“We had, we had some like young kids come and their parents were like, ‘Gotta practice for when you get into college.’”



Zoe Oppenheimer | Student Life



A local St. Louis resident talking about her experience on a carnival ride — that spun upside down, repeatedly — with her seven year old son.

“I was too scared to go by myself so I made him go with me and I was holding on to him as hard as I could and he was screaming faster, faster make me spin. And I was like no, please no more spinning.”



Zoe Oppenheimer | Student Life



ThurtenE Community Partner Coordinator Sydney Medford summed up the day.

“It’s wonderful to see all the kids, especially other members of the St. Louis community come out. It’s pretty rare to have such a large community-focused event on campus. I know we have so many events for our students but really inviting the community out here is fantastic.”


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