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Hey, WashU! Have you taken your pre-arrival COVID test yet? It’s time! Here’s a quick explainer if you’re a bit confused by the University’s testing policy. 

You should have received a kit of two On/Go tests. Take that first test within the 48 hours before returning to campus. That means now, whether you’re moving back into your dorm this weekend or are already living in St. Louis. If your On/Go kit went to the wrong address, you should find another rapid test for pre-arrival testing, then pick up a kit from campus when you arrive for entry testing.

Now, download the On/Go app and set up an account. That app will walk you through the entire test-taking process and show you what your results mean. Then, just screenshot those results on the app and upload the image to your personalized COVID Test Result link. You’ll find that link in an email from the WashU COVID Testing Center with the subject line, “Instructions for submitting your Pre-arrival test.” If you test positive, don’t come to campus, and you’ll receive further instructions by email.

If you’ve submitted your results and you’re negative, that’s great! But you’re not done yet. You still need to take your second test and upload those results by Friday, February 4th. This is crucial. You’ll need to report those results on time to stay enrolled in the spring semester. 

You can do this through another personalized link sent to your email, this time with the subject line “Instructions for submitting your Entry test.” If you test positive, stay inside and contact Habif for further instructions.

And that’s it! Still have questions? Check out the testing FAQ at the website or email [email protected]. Now go stick that swab up your nose and stay safe!

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