Introducing Looking Back: A three-part audio series

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The words "Looking Back" spread across three horizontal lines in orange and purple colors. On the right side, smaller purple text reads "3-Part Student Life Audio Series." A purple trapezoid from the right side of the screen makes the two Os in the word "Look" appear like eyes.Graphic by Christine Watridge | Student Life

We came up with the idea for this podcast one night, at about 11 p.m., sitting on the floor of our dorm common room. We were having one of those typical pandemic discussions, remarking on the now-unremarkable facts of the world we lived in—how bizarre COVID-19 had rendered our college lives—when we had the idea to try and capture this feeling we and others were having on tape, to truly unravel what the pandemic has been like on Washington University’s campus this year. 

So we did, paying tribute to our favorite podcast, This American Life, in the process. Over the final weeks of the spring semester, we listened to Wash. U. students, administrators and doctors recall what it was like to make friends six feet away, test positive for COVID, make school-wide decisions and muddle through new and unexpected obstacles. 

The result was three podcast episodes, covering a few common themes that summed up the weirdness and despair and hopefulness we have all been feeling. With vaccine rollout in the past six months chipping away at the COVID-19 style of life in the United States, we hope that Looking Back will serve as a record of the pandemic year(s) at Wash. U. Enjoy!

— Jared Adelman and Olivia Poolos, Staff Reporter and Senior Scene Editor

You can read a transcript of the first episode here.

You can read a transcript of the second episode here.

You can read a transcript of the third episode here.

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