Dear SDSU Community,

Today’s Supreme Court decision gutting Roe v. Wade is painful. It clearly eviscerates our civil rights and a person’s ability to exercise their own free will regarding personal health and reproductive choices.

A diverse campus community like ours will have people reacting in a variety of ways to today’s ruling. But no matter how you feel about the Court’s action, I urge everyone to treat one another with the respect and dignity we all deserve.

As the president of a public university, as a woman of color and as a mother to daughters, I take today’s ruling very personally. Not for any impact it will have on my own personal circumstances, but for the pain and danger this ruling can cause for those without the means or support systems to travel to states like California. A state where a woman’s right to choose is not being taken away. That is why I feel compelled to take a public stand against this monumental setback.

What we all believed to be settled case law for a half century has been undone in a single day. We are now left to pick up the pieces after what many, myself included, see as a flagrant assault on individual freedom and social equity.

A number of states have passed so-called trigger laws that make abortion illegal immediately. There are also efforts to criminalize anyone seeking an abortion, and those efforts will no doubt intensify as today’s ruling threatens to take us back to a period in time where women had no legal option to make these deeply personal decisions about their bodies.

I also want to encourage anyone feeling undue stress over today’s ruling and how it might affect you or those you care about to connect with university support services if you feel the need to talk with someone. SDSU offers counseling, academic, work-related and emergency support to students, faculty and staff all year long. Other resources are also offered through Student Affairs and Campus Diversity, the Center for Inclusive Excellence and Employee Resource Groups.

Adela de la Torre, Ph.D.
San Diego State University President