A guide to holiday shopping at the WU Campus Bookstore

We’re almost there. The semester is near its end, and consequently, you are so close to not having to think about school for one blissful month. But you know what that means? You have to start thinking about holiday gifts. Sorry about it, but luckily for you, we have taken the time to compile a list of great gifts from the bookstore. Happy shopping!

Wash. U. Boston Rocker

I don’t know what I can say that the piece of paper taped onto the front of this rocking chair didn’t already say. Every recent grad should have an expensive-looking piece of furniture to show houseguests that their costly education contributed at least one tangible asset to their estate. You may be sleeping on a mattress without a bedframe and killing two to three cockroaches per day, but this magical rocker will make your living space appear touched by old money in a snap. —Megan Magray, Editor-in-Chief

“Drawing Is Magic” by John Hendrix

Have you ever wanted to travel to a magical place called sketchbook land, where every page invites new adventuress? Pick up this book by Wash. U.’s own professor John Hendrix. I haven’t actually used the whole book, but I had a class with John where he made us use a few of the pages for our project. It was fun and, dare I say, magic. —Noah Jodice, Associate Editor

A Wash. U. shot glass

Who ever said you can’t get gifts for yourself? This affordable “collector’s item” is a great trinket to remind yourself of your home away from home as you skim whiskey from your parent’s liquor cabinet. —Aaron Brezel, Senior Sports Editor

Wash. U. Dad mug (for your mom)

My mom loves this mug. She drinks coffee out of it every single day, at least when I am home for break. It’s a perfect gift not only for moms, but for aunts and ex-boyfriends, too! Maybe not that last one. Or maybe especially that last one. Keep your former loved ones on their toes this Christmas. —Sarah Hands, Managing Editor

“Why Not Me?” by Mindy Kaling

Do you have a friend and/or relative who likes to laugh? If so, give them the gift of Mindy Kaling’s latest book, “Why Not Me?,” this holiday season. This book of essays is hilarious, thoughtful and empowering, just like Mindy herself. Plus, if you buy it from the bookstore, you might still be able to score a free “Mindy Project” tote bag with it! —Katharine Jaruzelski, Managing Editor

Wash. U. ugly Christmas socks

You’ve heard of ugly Christmas sweaters, but have you ever heard of ugly Christmas socks? Yeah, you probably have. They really aren’t that unique. But, guess what, it’s your lucky day. The bookstore sells not only ugly Christmas socks, but ugly Wash. U. Christmas socks! What a concept. —Wesley Jenkins, Senior Forum Editor

An intro to economics textbook

Thanksgiving’s over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop arguing about politics with your extended family. Spend the holiday season disagreeing with your family, friends and other assorted party guests about the minimum wage, income tax and Wall Street. An added bonus: You’ll grow so tired of these arguments that come mid-January, you won’t be able to wait to come back to Wash. U. —Zach Kram, Longform Editor

Wash. U. Christmas snapback

The presence of this snapback in the bookstore is the embodiment of misguided holiday spirit. Someone decided not only to stock these hats, but ordered at least 13 of them. “Surely these will fly off the shelves,” they cried, unaware that the snapbacks would sit untouched and unwanted through the end of classes. It’s not too late, though. For just $28 (plus tax), you could make a Follett employee’s day and get an accessory that’s sure to make you the envy of everyone in your hometown—at least, the ones who knows what our mascot looks like. —Manvitha Marni, Managing Editor

Wash. U. Christmas ornament

You may find that your dad has asked you to buy a Wash. U. Christmas ornament for each of the past three years. You may find that, each year, you forget to purchase said ornament until they sell out. If this sounds familiar, let this be your reminder to purchase a Wash. U. Christmas ornament before they sell out. They’re nice. They come in green and red. —Mark Matousek, Senior Cadenza Editor

Dish soap

Honestly, this stuff is important. It runs out so quickly! Where does it all go? Why are there always so many dishes? It’s a universal gift that everyone can appreciate. The recipient will look at it and jokingly say something like, “Oh my god, this looks like it could be dish soap!” and then when they open it, they’ll realize that IT IS DISH SOAP. —Rima Parikh, Senior Scene Editor

Fun calendars

For 18 years I’ve struggled with the time-old question: What is the perfect holiday present? Of course, for some people it’s an obvious inside joke or experience, but what happens to the rest of us? For me, calendars never fail. Whether it’s small kittens, TV shows or comics, images on calendars are a nice small way to personalize a present while still providing something that everyone needs—a way to keep track of time. —Lindsay Tracy, Copy Chief

“Secret Garden: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book”

Coloring is apparently a trendy way to relieve stress now. Time to use those Intro to Psych skills and dish out “Secret Garden” to anyone and everyone who seems a little too stressed this holiday season. Give everyone you know a stress-relieving coloring book and watch the holiday angst just melt away (provided you don’t color outside the lines). —Maddie Wilson, Managing Editor

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