#washuproblem? Get over it.

| Staff Columnist

Here at Wash. U., we tend to have a bit of a problem with the way the rest of the world views us, and we can spend a great deal of time justifying our choice of school to the rest of the world. But we’re not exactly doing anything to help ourseleves with the prevalence of things such as #washuproblems on campus. Things like that only help to further our stereotype as whiny, rich children who can’t deal when things just don’t go their way or aren’t perfect or easy.

We are extremely lucky to attend an institution of the caliber of Wash. U. Aside from the stellar academics, we have some of the best dorms and food of any university in the country. It’s true that people will always find things to nitpick, but we are fortunate to receive the education and life we have here. We all knew what we were getting into when we submitted our deposits and began to look forward to a new life here on campus.

So why make ourselves sound like ungrateful children? There are things on campus that may not sit right with everyone, but why turn us into near jokes by complaining about the silliest little things? While something like “I didn’t get anything for free at the underpass today #washuproblems” may sound funny to a student here, if you look at it from an outsider’s point of view, it makes us look ridiculous.

Most of the other posts echo that same pettiness, whether it’s talking about the lack of ice cream at Paws and Go or running out of metal forks at Bear’s Den. The ones about studying are perhaps the most ridiculous, often complaining about the amount of work we are given here and how it never ends. We are in college now, and not just any college, Washington University in St. Louis. We are known for our extraordinarily rigorous academic curriculum. Did you really expect to spend an hour or two on homework a night like you did in high school? That’s not how it works.

One of the things I loved best about Wash. U., and one of the main reasons I chose to go here, was the relaxed, easy-going atmosphere I got from both the campus and everyone on it. Coming from that whiny, perfectionist Northeast area, I was looking forward to being among thousands of people who shared my love of learning and studying, but with a more relaxed attitude than the one back home. And while I do at times find #washuproblems funny, they aren’t doing anything but reminding me of the attitude I came here to get away from. The way the outside world perceives the student body is important, and #washuproblems doesn’t do us any favors. We don’t want to be perceived as ungrateful for the great things we have been given. I for one, realize how lucky I am, the rest of you should too.

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