Face piercings and Four Loko: The real bucket list

| Staff Columnist

Now that I’m a senior, there’s this all-important term called the bucket list. This mystical list is a compilation of things you need to do before you graduate. When first asked what graced the top of my list, I knew what I wanted to do immediately. Before I graduate, I would like a picture of my suite in front of Brookings with the tulips in full bloom. My second item on the list is to go to the Arch, because I still have never been, and I hear it is incredibly wobbly and scary. However, these bucket list dreams were received with laughter, because apparently the list is supposed to be full of hawtties you want to hang out with. That sounds super dumb to me, so allow me to share with you the real bucket list for seniors of 2011.

Find all the tunnels at Wash. U. I hear this is a cool thing to do. It’s scary as heck, and you’ll get really dirty.

Get piercings on your face. It’s the last time you can have a face piercing before you get a real job.

Tell people a fact about yourself that does not really exist. For example, I was the Illinois state break-dancing champion in 2008. Not really though, it’s just funny to mess with people that think they know you after all this time.

Rage with a Four Loko. After this year, you can never have one again. I still haven’t really had one, but I hear it’s a really crazy thing to do.

Watch “Spice World” and “Superstar” with your friends. These movies are from our adolescence, and they are terribly wonderful.

I’ll be honest, none of those things sound very interesting, but the point is that our last year is not about getting with gross Wash. U. students; this year is about creating memories (cue violins). This article is one of the cheesier things I’ve written, but I’m not sorry. I’m just already getting nostalgic. I am already getting crow’s feet around my eyes and pondering Botox. I am already sad that my roommates and I will be spread across the country living on our own. So before my nostalgia consumes me, I will busy myself with my bucket list and I hope you all decide to get piercings on your faces and busy yourself with it too.

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