The day after yesterday: Aftermath of the 2010 midterm elections

| Forum Editor

So here we are, a day after the election…and the Democrats have lost control of Congress. Even if they maintained a majority in the Senate, they don’t have anywhere close to the 60 votes necessary to pass anything or get anything done.

What will this mean for us, as Americans? Well, obviously an era of prosperity! Look at the recent Fox News Op-Ed by John Lott, in which he proved, beyond a shadow of a statistical doubt, that Republican election gains naturally correlate with upward moving stock prices, or rather that Obama’s improvement in the polls correlates with downward moving stock prices.

Either way, yesterday’s results mean that we have officially gotten out of our economic slump! So now, how do we go about accomplishing the change that Republicans promised with their Pledge to America? It’s fairly simple, considering the fact that nobody is going to negotiate about anything because that is what the Republican candidates promised their constituents.

First, our goal is to cut taxes. Not just extend the Bush tax cuts but also literally cut all taxes out from the United States. Why should we even pretend that isn’t the direction we are going as a country? The left likes tax cuts almost as much as we do, so why not skip so many years of partisan bickering when we can just abolish taxation as it is and let things go which way they will?

And if any of them try to stop us, we can just call them socialists and gain even more seats in the next election because that is what taxation does really, redistributes the wealth…which is socialism.

This might sound like a bad idea, considering the fact that we still have to spend money on things like the military and Social Security. But nobody notices that Social Security does more than stop the retired from being poor or help children missing a parent get some extra money; it clearly stops people from working where they could be. Wouldn’t it be preferable (for the economy) to have people over the age of 65 working again? Let’s just cut it!

As for the military, we know that private corporations do things better than government in all cases, so why not have them just keep us safe and protected? Their own self-interest will obviously be to protect everyone effectively, so why even bother having a military? We already have private military companies in both Iraq and Afghanistan; let’s just go the whole nine yards!

Without taxation, we will have no place for the federal government, and smaller government is better. The key to getting to this goal is to use the new divided government to our advantage. It is time to start calling our representatives and telling them not to negotiate on anything. While this may seem counterintuitive, it will all become clear when it comes time for a new budget to be drawn up. President Obama will definitely not sign a budget that severely reduces the size of government, so it will shut down, just like in the Clinton years.

And here is when we start doing things differently, so pay attention. President Clinton and Newt Gingrich came to an agreement, and the federal government wasn’t shut down for a huge amount of time. If our representatives don’t want to negotiate, the government will be deadlocked and shut down for as long as we want it to be. And how long do we want it to be? Well, forever of course. Smaller government is always better, and without things like unemployment insurance, people will be forced to get themselves up and start working again, giving a huge jolt to the economy!

So when the federal government shuts down a year from now, make sure you understand that it wasn’t because our representatives are stupid and don’t want to listen to us. The federal government will have shut down because we asked our representatives not to negotiate. Negotiation is not beneficial for the country. Why do things like that when it is in your ideological camp not to negotiate in the slightest? We asked for ideological purity, we made sure we got it, and the goals of that purity will be the shape of things to come.

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